Artist Agreement

How to become a Homeostasis Lab artist

Homeostasis Lab is a Platform that intends to gather and make available to the public a variety of “Digital Artworks”, created by artists from all over the world, as well as the interaction of users of the Platform with such works. If you are interested in sending and making your works available in our Platform, please carefully read the procedures, terms and conditions below.

For interpretation purposes, the “Digital Art Works” we consider suitable for uploading and making available by You in the Platform are: artistic works that are able to be displayed on the internet, at some stage from conception to realization have a conceptual connection with the digital, and that belong to any type of net art and digital art: cybernetic art, algorithmic art, art in code, generative art, net-art, glitch-art, artificial intelligence, deep-fake, transmedia installation, digital sculpture, 2D and 3D animation, game art, holograms, transmedia performance, virtual communities, crypto art, art apps, AR filters, immersive art (AR, VR and MR), animated GIF, meme, boomerang, hacker art, cyber art, digital painting, digital photography, digital poetry, bio-art, sound art, pixel art, software art and others similar categories.

Therefore, if you have any Digital Art Work that fits the requirements above, that You wish to make available to the public through our Platform, You must submit the registration, correctly filling in the requested data and information, as well as keeping them updated.

By the time You conclude the registration, You expressly consent and agree to the terms and conditions of this ARTIST AGREEMENT, as well as the Platform's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which may be updated at any time by Us, as provided for in such policies / contracts.

It is important to clarify that the ARTIST AGREEMENT is a binding contract, with legal validity and enforcement, which contains all the details related to copyright licensing, which You will make for Us. On the other hand, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy bring the rules applicable to all users of the Platform and specify how We handle the personal information and privacy of Homeostasis Lab users.

You must ensure that the file sent by You containing the Digital Art Work is in the highest resolution possible for You. You must promptly respond to any questions or requests from Us regarding the files. If so requested by Us at any time, You undertake to resubmit/resend your Works in a format compatible with the Platform (such as, for example, a file with a higher resolution).

After the registration and the submission of the Digital Art Work by You, We will analyze the submitted work, in order to verify if the format of the file and the work are in accordance with the rules of the Platform. We do not execute a prior control over the content of the works, but only an analysis of the technical suitability of the archive/file and an assessment of the artistic language in line with the purpose of the project, in order to verify whether your work fits our definition of “Digital Art Works”.

Nonetheless, We reserve the right, at any time, to remove and / or suspend the availability of your work to the public, if it is in violation of our policies, Brazilian law or in the other cases provided for in this Agreement and the Terms of Use. All liability arising from the content of the works available in the Platform belongs exclusively to the authors / owners of such works.

Upon completing the registration on the platform, You consent and agree, expressly, to the terms and conditions of this ARTIST AGREEMENT (“Agreement”), according to the provisions below:





1.1. By this contract, You grant a license to Us, without exclusivity, of copyright, neighboring rights, personality rights and trademarks rights, over and contained in the Digital Art Works, texts, photos and videos made available (through upload) by You on the Platform, for the specific purposes described in the Sec. two below only. For clarification purposes, You remain the owner and right holder of all rights in and to the Digital Art Works, texts, photos and videos made available by You on the Platform. The present Agreement consists only in a temporary license of such rights to Us, that may be revoked by You, under the terms of Sec. five below.



2.1. By virtue of this instrument, You license to the Platform and Us, in a non-exclusive basis, for an indeterminate period, in Brazil and / or Abroad, the copyrights and neighboring rights over and contained in the materials, works, Digital Art Works, texts, videos and photos made available by You on the Platform, for the purposes and modalities of use described below, especially the right of making them available on the Platform and on third party websites / social media, under the terms of this section.

2.2. You also authorize and license to the Platform and Us the right to use your name, likeness, voice and biographical data, as well as license the use of any trademark/logo submitted by You to the Platform, always in association with the materials, works, Digital Art Works, texts, videos and photos made available by You on the Platform, in a non-exclusive basis, for an indefinite period, for the purposes and modalities of use described below, especially the right of making them available on the Platform and on third party websites / social media, as provided for in this clause, in Brazil and / or Abroad.

2.3. As consequence of the license provided for in clauses 2.1 and 2.2 above, We and the Platform may, directly and / or through any sublicensed third parties, use the materials, works, Digital Art Works, texts, videos and photos made available by You on the Platform, through following modalities:

  1. a) making available, display and communication to the public, on the Platform and / or on social media and websites of third parties, through digital, electronic or virtual mechanisms, through storage on a computer or other electronic devices (tablets, mobile phones, digital readers, and etc.) for electronic distribution, through the Internet or any other data transmission network, including distribution by download, streaming, webcasting, by any business model, and regardless of the transmission system and technologies and the receiving equipment (handhelds, smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, video game devices, all existing devices, among others);
  2. b) creation of collections, compilations and digital exhibitions by users and curators of the Platform, associating your works with works of other artists contained in the Platform. Such users, curators and We may share such collections, compilations and digital exhibitions, as well as your Digital Art Works individually, in our accounts in third party social media, such as, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse, TikTok, Twitch, among others;
  3. c) association of your Digital Art Works with filters and tags (such as hashtags), in the search engines of the Platform and of the social media of third parties, mentioned above;
  4. d) insertion in promotional material of the Platform in any type of media, including printed, for the purpose of promoting/advertising the Platform, including in press activities;
  5. e) insertion, editing and reproduction of a printed publication made by Us, derived from the materials, works, Digital Art Works, texts, videos and photos contained in the Platform, and free exploitation and distribution of such publication, only for research purposes, institutional and educational purposes and / or promotion of the Platform and the project;
  6. f) use, jointly or in isolation, by all means and media listed above, by Us or by third parties, without limit on quantity, term, circulation or number of times.

2.4. We may sublicense to third parties, in whole or in part, the rights provided for in this section, without any other formality.

2.5. If there is an opportunity to produce an exhibition related to the Platform, outside the digital environment, We may, at our discretion, contact the artists to check if they are interested in including their works in such exhibition.


3.1. You represent and warrant that:

  1. You are over the age of 18 (eighteen) years old and are legally able to execute this Agreement;
  2. The materials, works, Digital Art Works, texts, videos and photos made available by You on the Platform are original and do not consist of copies of the works of any third parties;
  3. You are the holder of all copyrights, intellectual property rights and personality rights over and contained in (or holds a license of the rights holders) the materials, works, Digital Art Work, texts, videos and photos made available by You on the Platform, in an extension that allows You to enter into this Agreement, and represent that they do not infringe the rights of any third parties, in particular, intellectual property rights, copyrights, personality rights, trademark rights, among others;
  4. The files sent by You to the Platform do not contain any virus, Trojan horse, worm or any other measure designed to interfere, interrupt or impair the normal operational procedures of the Platform, a computer or to clandestinely intercept, access without authorization or expropriate any system, data or personal information;
  5. You will keep all your contact information updated in the Platform.

3.2. You will be liable and take all responsibility for any claim, charge, complaint, action and / or law suit, in court or outside of court, of third parties against the Platform and Us, or our users, (i) arising from the violation by You of the representations and obligations provided for in this Agreement; and / or (ii) resulting from the content of materials, works, Digital Art Works, texts, videos and photos made available by You in the Platform.

3.3. If one of the hypotheses provided for in sec. 3.2 above occurs, You will take all measures to exclude Us and / or our users from the defendant side of the dispute, as well as indemnify the Platform, Us and our users, for the legal costs and legal fees incurred, as well as for eventual convictions/indemnifications that We and they may suffer.


3.4. Due to the provision contained in sec. 21, of the Brazilian Legal Framework for the Internet (Brazilian Law No. 12.965/14), if We and the Platform receive any notices alleging violation, by the files and works sent by You, of the privacy of third parties resulting from the unauthorized disclosure of images, of videos or other material containing scenes of nudity or sexual acts of a private nature, We will immediately remove such files, works and materials from the Platform.

3.5. If We and the Platform receive any notices alleging infringement, by the files and works sent by You, of copyrights, intellectual property and/or personality, not described in sec. 3.4 above, We will temporarily suspend the availability of such files and works of the Platform and We will contact You through your e-mail address informed in the registration, with a deadline for You to present clarifications about such notice, so that the legal department of the Platform can present their technical opinion on the matter. The Platform will resume the making available of the work, if the Platform's legal department understands that the Platform will not be at risk with the resumption.

3.6. You undertake to indicate, by the time of the upload, whether your works, files and other materials contain violence, sex and nudity and / or drugs, which are subject to age restrictions, according to the Brazilian legislation on Age Rating. You represent and agree that the Platform may, at its discretion, adopt measures to block and restrict content to minors, which We deem pertinent and necessary, as well as the Platform may rate your works, at its discretion, according to the applicable legislation.

3.7. We are not responsible for third party content that may be transmitted through any technical security breach that may be exploited in bad faith.



4.1. The licenses contained in this Agreement are granted free of charge, and nothing is due by the Platform and by Us to You.

4.2. The Digital Art Works submitted to the Platform through upload by the artists, up to April, 20, 2021, will compete for three “Revelation Work” awards, in the total gross amount of R$1.000,00 (one thousand Brazilian reais) each, for the winning works, selected by the Platform's curatorship, at their discretion, in Brazilian reais, to be paid to the winning artists, after discounting the applicable taxes and possible exchange rates.

4.3. If You win the “Revelation Work” award, You undertake to send a competent tax invoice, as required by applicable legislation and in accordance with the Platform's guidelines, 5 (five) days prior to the payment date. You authorize us to make deductions from the payment provided for in clause 4.2, if so determined by applicable tax legislation.



5.1. This Agreement will come into force on the date it was accepted by You, upon completion of registration on the Platform, and will remain in force for an indefinite period.

5.2. You may, at any time, revoke this license and remove (or request the removal) of the materials, works, Digital Art Works, texts, videos and photos made available by You on the Platform, by excluding such materials from the Platform, in your user area. If You have difficulty in removing such content from the Platform, you can request the removal from Us, via contact form, provided in this link. We will have 30 (thirty) days from the submission of the request by You to complete such removal.

5.3. Parties undertake to fully and faithfully comply with the provisions of this Agreement. Failure to comply with any obligation set forth herein, if maintained after 30 (thirty) days as of the receipt of written communication of the other party regarding such violation, will rise the possibility of full right termination of this Agreement, notwithstanding with the indemnification for losses and damages.

5.4. We reserve the right to terminate the Platform's activities, at any time, at our sole discretion. You represent that you understand that the licenses contained in this Agreement are our ability to use the rights set out in clause two above and not an obligation. If We decide to terminate this Agreement, We may do so, without justification and without penalties, by communicating to your e-mail informed in the registration, 10 (ten) days in advance.



6.1. We will be able to change the terms and conditions of this Agreement, at any time, by sending the updated version to your email informed during the registration. You will have the opportunity to consent to the new version presented when you join the Platform.

6.2. You and your eventual successors and heirs undertake to continue the execution of this Agreement under the terms set forth herein.

6.3. Neither Party may take any action that may adversely affect the name, image and / or reputation of the other party.

6.4. By agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, You represent that all data provided in the registration of the Platform are true and that your consent to this Agreement has the value of an electronic signature.


6.5. For interpretation purposes of this Agreement, the following definitions apply:

"You": the artist and licensor of the rights provided for in this Agreement, who voluntarily submit the registration and upload your Digital Art Works for public availability on the Platform, under the terms described above;

“We/Us”: the licensees of the Agreement above, who are also the domain owners and holders of the Platform, which consist of Julia Borges Arana ME (Phi Projetos), CNPJ n° 19.359.245/0001-38, headquartered at Doutor Amâncio de Carvalho Street, 65, Vila Mariana, São Paulo, SP, CEP 04012-090, Brazil, and Guilherme Augusto Fernandes Brandao Fonseca 30283428805 (UGI Projetos Culturais), CNPJ n° 17.939.894-0001/82, headquartered at Mantiqueira Street, 105, Vila Mariana, São Paulo, SP, CEP 4110-040, Brazil;

“Platform”: website, whose domain belongs to the licensees above, currently located at:

6.6. This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the São Paulo State Capital Forum will be elected for all claims arising from it.




As we are always looking to improve our Platform, these Terms may undergo updates, aiming to provide the User with more security, convenience and to improve their experience even more. That is why we recommend that the User access our Terms periodically, so that he is aware of the changes. To make it easier, we indicate at the end of the document the date of the last update.


Last updated: 20.03.2021