Glitch: to err is also machine

The course approaches the aesthetics of glitch art through the critical path between its history and available tools.

First, there will be a course about the history of Glitch, then the aesthetics of the machinic error, and finally some tools available to enable the student to produce glitch art.

The course is composed of classes divided into:  

Class 1: Introduction. Where we approach glitch, its history, image theories, and creative practices.

Class 2: Technopolitics of the image. This class deals with the creation of errors in videos and digital images and the techniques of data moshing and databending.

Class 3: Ruidocracy and sound. This class is about noise creation with the open-source program Audacity, which focused on sound art.

Class 4: Asemic Writing. This class discusses Glitch in texts and poems and techniques for creating artwork in ASCII and Zalgo.

Extra class: Webs of creation, which contextualizes the networks of glitch creation and sharing.

Each class has an e-book of the presentation that can be downloaded for later reference.


What is the course project?

As a final project, the student will be challenged to create works of glitch art from the tools presented in the course.



Students will need a cell phone or a PC with Avidemux (free open-source software) to develop the final project.


  • 317 STUDENTS
  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English
  • LEVEL: beginner

Luciana de Paula Santos

I am architect, transmedia artist and curator on Aisthesis Studio and participated in exhibitions, festivals and biennials in Brazil and abroad. I develop transmedia art projects on the following thematic axes: technological aesthetics of hybrid spaces, networked urbanism, wearables for the body-city, studies and etnography on the mass production of network subjectivity [big data decolonization]. In 2020 I created the urbanism collective GO: a connective of urban planners dedicated to the research, produce and publish tactical, locative and emergential media to producing new ways of inhabiting a collapsing world (antropoceno).