Introduction to creative technologie

The course creates an informational map for those interested in the subject to guide themselves and seek further information and training in the various areas that make up the field of creative technology. It is a theoretical course to share vocabulary, references, and dialogues about the encounter between art, design, technology, and science.

What will you learn?

During our "Introduction to Creative Technologies" journey, Lina will cover a bit about this large interdisciplinary field that unites design, art, technology, and science. The map features five major areas, and we will talk about each of them:

First, Pre-machines will be covered, about automata and optical illusion. Next, is Spatial Augmented reality, where we will talk about virtual and augmented reality and video mapping. Next, Creative Coding, the use of code as artificial intelligence to generate unusual experiences in the arts, followed by Physical Computing and everything that involves electronics and digital fabrication. Finally, Biodesign and the possibilities of creating biological machines.

What is the course project?

The project at the end of the course will be to create a shareable library with references in the most diverse areas presented during the course.


No previous knowledge or specific program or tool is required. Any person interested in the subject can take the course. No specific program or tool is required.

  • 406 STUDENTS
  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English
  • LEVEL: beginner

Lina Lopes

Lina Lopes is a consultant, entrepreneur and artist. She expresses in her trajectory the intersection between two worlds: art and technology. She has extensive experience in projects, working on the themes of parametric and generative design, video mapping, interactivity, Arduino programming, wearables, internet of things, biomaterials, among others. She is the founder of LILO.ZONE – a hub and prototype factory dedicated to the creative use of technology.