Introduction to Blender: photorealistic creative practices

In this course, students will learn software tools and techniques for creating 3D visual content. Students will be able to learn best practices for starting from scratch, focusing on navigation, shortcuts, modeling principles, sculpting, UV painting and texturing, rendering, basic animation, and more.

What will you learn?

First, the course will teach you how to install Blender, then it will explain the best settings, layout, and auto-save. Once you have configured Blender and understand how the layout works then it will explain the navigation, hotkeys, and what each tab does and go into detail about the rest of the buttons and functions. Having all this in mind, it is now possible to work with importing objects, and manipulating them, based on polygon editing, sculpting, texturing, lighting, and focusing on rendering. Once these concepts are explained, it will be possible to embark on object creation, animation, image post-processing, and more.

What is the course project?

As a final project, the student will have the necessary tools to experiment with objects in Blender.


No previous knowledge will be required, you will only need a laptop or computer that supports the latest versions of Blender 3.0+.

  • 327 STUDENTS
  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English

Lucas Elias Gattas (Mr. Gattax)

Lucas Elias Gattas, better known as Mr. Gattax, is an Italian-Brazilian Multidisciplinary Artist, with a focus on Electronic Music since 2007 and 3D Renderings since 2014. Graduated in 2018 in Visual Arts from Faculdade Paulista de Artes and currently studying for a Masters in Computing and the Arts in Berlin.