Creative practices with basic eletronic

The course presents an introduction to an electronic circuit for creating playful and interactive art experiences. We will explain what is a battery, what conductive media are possible, and actuators such as motors, lights, and sound outputs. Also, how to control the electric current to achieve different results. Remembering that the focus is on producing creative experiences ;)

What will you learn?

During "Creative Practices with Basic Electronics" we will cover a bit about power supplies and batteries, conductive media, and how electric current is transformed into things that spin, flash, and beep (motors, lights, and horns). Lina will present the concept of interruption and resistance variation. The creation of everyday objects transformed through the basics of electronics will be proposed. In the end, we will see a little about integrated circuits and Circuit Bending.

What is the course project?

Tangible Human Connection: the production of sound by touch between people and objects with conductive tracks.


No previous knowledge is required. To make the projects, it is necessary to use tools such as pliers and protoboard, as well as electronic materials (buttons, potentiometers, jumpers, LDRs, LEDs, motors, buzzers, batteries).

  • 222 STUDENTS
  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English

Lina Lopes

Lina Lopes is a consultant, entrepreneur and artist. She expresses in her trajectory the intersection between two worlds: art and technology. She has extensive experience in projects, working on the themes of parametric and generative design, video mapping, interactivity, Arduino programming, wearables, internet of things, biomaterials, among others. She is the founder of LILO.ZONE – a hub and prototype factory dedicated to the creative use of technology.