Digital Drawing and Illustration in Figma

The course gives an introduction to the logic of vector drawing and digital illustration using the Figma tool.

What will you learn?

First, you will learn how to look at the world as a sketch artist and how to make drawings from the abstraction of essential shapes: the square, the triangle, and the circle. This is the beginning of the vector drawing methodology. Then we will look at the interface of Figma, an online program with a free plan available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers that can be used for both digital prototyping and digital vector illustration. In this, we will learn basic tools for creating vector drawings and illustrations on the computer. Finally, we will have the explanation of the final exercise to conclude the course.

What is the course project?

To create a simple scene containing a character and/or objects in a scenario in Figma.


Previous knowledge: none.
Software: Figma.
Materials: mouse and, if possible, a simple drawing tablet.

  • 450 STUDENTS
  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English

Paula Cruz

Paula Cruz is an illustrator + designer witch ✨ She has a bachelor's degree from EBA/UFRJ and a master's degree in Design from PUC-Rio, where she developed research on hybrid publications and new ways of reading. She crossed the Atlantic to study the Dutch design masters at the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, Holland. She currently lives in Rio de Janeiro and has been teaching design + illustration in book courses since 2019. She has worked for clients such as Google, Facebook, Youtube Global, Whatsapp Global, Editora Record, Intrínseca, Descomplica, TAG Livros, Adidas, Adobe, O Globo, Snapchat, and Disney+. Parallel to her work and studies, she builds authorial projects that unite design, illustration, and research, such as books and posters.