Creative coding with p5.js: colors and shapes

In this course, we will discover the fundamentals of visual creative programming using p5.js. We will be inspired by Brazilian artists to experiment with visual creation from code.

In this first module, you will learn how to make abstract colors and shapes. You will learn some programming concepts such as variables and conditionals. Also, we will include some basic mouse and keyboard interaction features.

What will you learn?

Lesson 1: Presentation by professor Barbara Castro - from motion design to artistic data visualization

Lesson 2: What is creative programming?

Lesson 3: Processing and OpenProcessing

Lesson 4: Colors and shapes

Lesson 5: Variables

Lesson 6: Conditionals - if

Lesson 7: Interaction - for

Lesson 8: Interaction with mouse and keyboard

Lesson 9: Mapping - map



No prior knowledge is required, anyone interested in the subject can take the course. Internet access and a computer is required to take the course.

Software: Processing

  • 325 STUDENTS
  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English

Barbara Castro

Barbara Castro is an artist, designer, researcher, programmer, and teacher. She holds a Ph.D. in Visual Arts from PPGAV/EBA/UFRJ and teaches at the Department of Arts & Design at PUC-Rio, in disciplines related to creative programming, new technologies, and regenerative cultures. Her theoretical and practical research in computer art deals with the survival instinct, vitality and the Anthropocene. She is a partner and creative director of the Ambos&& studio, which curates and produces exhibitions and interactive installations in museums such as Museu do Amanhã, CCBB, and Museu Nacional, among others. Highlights include the exhibition and book Existência Numérica about data art at Oi Futuro, conceived with Luiz Ludwig and Doris Kosminsky.