Animated text - a language

A course with a historical and practical approach to Animated Text, a movement born on the internet whose references can be linked to the most varied aesthetic currents, including everything from poetry to GIF art.

What will you learn?

In this mini-course, we will go through a brief history of the GIF until we get to Animated Text, the moving text that plays with the discourse of a nostalgic internet, and the aesthetics of obsolete programs. Here, we will retrace similar visualities coming from experimentations and movements prior to the internet to introduce the movement that became popular on Tumblr, demonstrating its aesthetic and political importance, and tracing possible paths from where the first manifestations of what generated this expressive movement emerged.

After the historical overview, several examples of this language will be demonstrated and conceptually approached, through the methodology of the netart itself and its discourses that, in the 1990s, already carried political disputes, such as the do-it-yourself and the denial of corporate cultures. Debauchery and irony are the aesthetic basis to think about this culture that denies big companies and capitalist conglomerates, which constantly appropriate and profit from such movements.

Finally, those who participate will be encouraged to experiment with various tools available for free today that reproduce the aesthetics of Animated Text and its variations, both on the PC and on the cell phone, and these productions can be shared in the comments of the course page on the homeostasis lab platform.

What is the course project?

As a final project, the student will be invited to experiment with different tools to create Animated Text GIFs.


No previous knowledge is required. You will need equipment such as a cell phone or computer to develop the experimentation.

  • 143 STUDENTS
  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English


biarritzzz (1994, Fortaleza, lives and works in Recife, Brazil) is a transmedia artist whose focus is to understand the interactions between the internet universe, the world of images and non-hegemonic bodies, investigating the infinite languages from this intersection and their cryptographies as tools of power. In her work she remixes pop culture, video art, meme politics, video game aesthetics, and poetry with new media. Putting into play the false question of technicality x amateurism and science x magic in the creation of realities, biarritzzz, one of the first Brazilian GIF art exponents, extrapolates her experiences in this world of epileptic images, usurping and subverting media, medias and genres.