Game Art: theoretical and practical overview

The course consists of an overview of over fifty important topics to map out the trajectory of a Game Artist. It will be organized in the narrative Iceberg style, where the topics are organized by how well-known they are, and as the course unfolds, topics from increasingly deeper areas of Game Artists' knowledge will be covered. It serves as an organized study guide for the student to understand which areas they want to delve into, understanding some of the history and relevance of each topic. It also makes it possible to go through different educational visions, from the more specialized professionals of the big industry to the generalists of the independent games scene and the history of the Mod scene. Here is a preview of the topics that will be covered:
  1. Pixel Art
  2. Art Director 
  3. Concept Art/ Reference
  4. Character Art
  5. Prop artist
  6. Environment Art
  7. Animation
  8. Keyframe Animation
  9. Motion Capture (killer instinct
  10. Texture Artist
  11. UI/UX Art
  12. DOS ASCII Art
  13. Post-processing (limbo)
  14. Game Engine
  15. Game Scale
  16. Topology (modeling examples)
  17. Clarity
  18. Reward Design (Satisfaction)
  19. Art Test
  20. Style and narrative
  21. Visual hierarchy and contrast
  22. Rotoscopy (Prince of Persia)
  23. Primitive forms (art economy and processing)
  24. Voxels
  25. Pixel Art Lo-fi 
  26. Doodle Art
  27. Proxy Models
  28. Weight painting
  29. High Poly Model - Low Poly mesh
  30. Unwraping UV MAP
  31. Texture Painting
  32. Shaders
  33. Anatomy
  34. Block Out (gameplay e animação)
  35. Modular design (environment)
  36. Tech Artists
  37. Rigging
  38. Simulation
  39. State Machine
  40. Particle Systems
  41. Cards (hair and fx)
  42. Shape Language (LOL) +saude circulo shield spike damage
  43. Trackers
  44. Demoscene
  45. SFX envelope
  46. Reverb
  47. Foley
  48. Game Design Mechanics 
  49. Sprite Sheet (super mario 1)
  50. Chroma Ket (Mortal Kombat 1)
  51. Claymotion
  52. Game Art (Contemporary art and games)


No prior knowledge, program, or specific tool is required. Anyone interested in the subject can take the course. 

  • 144 STUDENTS
  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English

Agata Tryshtee

Agata Tryshtee is a Brazilian artist and vtuber who works with digital identity and existence. Tryshtee's work often deals with the relationship between the digital and the physical, and the ways in which our presence is touched by myth-making through media and technology.