Materializing the digital: from concept to exhibition

The Creative Process and Execution of Ideas

This course covers all stages of developing a project in the arts, from organizing abstract thinking to conceptualizing and formalizing ideas, budgeting and funding possibilities, execution, and exhibition.

What will you learn?

First, you will learn how to translate the abstraction of ideas into understandable language so that people can understand what you would like to create and present. There is no need to be afraid of simplification.

Then we will look at the different natures of digital projects and how they can be created and unfolded (Can I do it all by myself? Do I need external funding? Do I need to build a team? Do I need a technical consultancy? How much does it cost?).

Finally, we will analyze the various ways, contexts, and possibilities to exhibit digital artwork in Brazil and in the world (Which one best suits my creative desires, the moment of my career?).


Have good ideas!

  • 136 STUDENTS
  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English

Mari Nagem

Mari Nagem is an artist-curator interested in the artificiality of the contemporary world, in the plastic transformations of natural landscapes, and in existential questions between humans and machines. She has a master's degree in Visual Arts from the Haute École d'Art et Design de Genève and a postgraduate degree from the School of Fine Arts at UFMG. Participated in exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, with emphasis on Strategies of the Feminine (Farol Santander, Porto Alegre), Homestase @ The Wrong Digital Art Biennale (Centro Cultural São Paulo) and Paralell Screens (USA, Brazil, and Germany). She was resident at SomoS Arts House (Berlin), Vatelón (Uruguay) and Casa das Caldeiras (São Paulo). Mari has participated in festivals such as File, Artemov, CineOP, Athens Video Art Festival, among others.