Great idea, but complicated and nebulous. And now?

Aesthetic foundations and strategies for the creation in Media Art

Starting with an introduction to the specificities of electronic-digital media, the course discusses the stages and challenges common to the development of a consistent media art project. Participants will be stimulated to reflect on how to polish and execute their ideas, with tips on how to align concepts, techniques, and materialities.

What will you learn?

First, the specificities of electronic-digital media are approached from the implications of their zero-dimensionality, as suggested by communicologist Vilém Flusser and the professor developed his doctoral thesis: Sensing and making sense: Photosensitivity and light-to-sound translations in media art (2020). With this paradigm in mind, you acquire a self-critical tool to implement your idea, fractionating its various stages of creation: sketching, researching, dialoguing, designing, and prototyping. Starting with a simple creative exercise of translating sound (audio) into light (image), to be performed in Processing, you will be invited to observe the importance of recursion between concepts, techniques, and materialities for the substantiation of your project. In the end, we will reflect on how, from the same technical base, multiple meanings are possible.

What is the course project?

Starting from a simple code in Processing Python mode, that transforms audio input into onscreen drawing, you will be challenged to create a context for the implementation of an artistic project.


Enthusiasm. Laptop with working camera and microphone. Processing installed.

  • 116 STUDENTS
  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English

Graziele Lautenschlaeger

Artista e pesquisadora em teoria e história das mídias e da artemídia. Doutora em Estudos Culturais pela Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin(2019), mestre em Arquitetura e Urbanismo pela Universidade de São Paulo(2010), com passagem pelo Interface Cultures Department da Künstuniversitä Linz, na Áustria, e bacharel em Imagem e Som pela Universidade Federal de São Carlos. Interessa-se por práticas nas intersecções entre arte e ciência, buscando gerar e nutrir camadas poéticas e simbólicas da interação com artefatos eletrônico-digitais. Sua produção bebe essencialmente em cibernética, estética relacional, arqueologia das mídias e new materialism.