Art with Artificial Intelligence

Issues of gender, imagination, ethics, accessibility, and biases

Permeated by discussions about Artificial Intelligence, ethical issues, and algorithm biases, this hands-on course invites students to explore Pollinations, an online, collaborative ecosystem for AI-generated media, and merge the results of different image, video, and audio generation tools.

What will you learn?

The course walks through all the tools available on Pollinations, including explanations of the site by its makers Caroline Barrueco and Thomas Haferlach. Midjourney and DALL-E2 will also be covered.

What is the course project?

With the goal of finding ways to circumvent hegemonic biases, you will be invited to develop a practical exercise in Artificial Intelligence to learn more about the possibilities of prompts.


No previous knowledge is required to take the course, just a computer and internet access.

  • 149 STUDENTS
  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English

Luezley Sol

Multimedia artist working with digital art since 2008. Always starting from a hacker point of view, in the best sense of the word, the one that seeks to access and make accessible the technologies that are available to few. He is from Porto Alegre and currently lives in Belém, Pará. @louezley