Space Art with nanosatellites

This course covers space art in Latin America and the creation of a nanosatellite with embedded Arduino.

What will you learn?

Space art, especially in Latin America, and some space art projects around the world. Then we will talk about data capture and open environmental data sharing with nanosatellites and finally, we will talk about the components and assembly of a nanosatellite.

What is the course project?

As a project, we will talk about each component of a nanosatellite and its composition to assemble a CubeSat prototype.

Who is it aimed at?

This course is directed to artists and people interested in space art.


Basic knowledge of Arduino.

  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English
  • LEVEL: intermediate

Luciana de Paula Santos

I am architect, transmedia artist and curator on Aisthesis Studio and participated in exhibitions, festivals and biennials in Brazil and abroad. I develop transmedia art projects on the following thematic axes: technological aesthetics of hybrid spaces, networked urbanism, wearables for the body-city, studies and etnography on the mass production of network subjectivity [big data decolonization]. In 2020 I created the urbanism collective GO: a connective of urban planners dedicated to the research, produce and publish tactical, locative and emergential media to producing new ways of inhabiting a collapsing world (antropoceno).