Digital painting: creative and intuitive process

The course approaches the use of symbolic language resources from drawings, shapes, and colors as a source of analysis for the creative unblocking process, without getting attached to ego, technique, and especially to the goals of results. Every form of expression is free, unique, and true within its own individual essence.

What will you learn?

We will address everything that we understand as the world, what influences us, what we consume, and what we admire. From this we will learn to analyze what we can deepen within our personal tastes can help organize our ideas, from words, images and links, thus creating a board with visual references. This way, we will deepen the theme we want to elaborate on to develop a personal project.

What is the course project?

The idea is that he develops his own research of self-understanding, of the things he likes, what influences, and where he wants to go.

Who is it aimed at?

This course is addressed to everyone interested in deepening their thoughts and ideas to execute their personal creations not only in the field of isolated technique but mainly in a free and unrestricted way.


Basic knowledge of structural drawing.

  • 127 STUDENTS
  • AUDIO: Portuguese
  • SUBTITLES: English
  • LEVEL: beginner

André Issao Bazolli

Born in São Paulo and raised in Jundiaí, André Issao Bazolli has always been a creative and energetic person. He left his parents' house at 17 and returned to his homeland where he graduated in Digital Design at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, which opened doors in the advertising market working as an art director at several agencies such as Almap BBDO, DM9DDB and Sapien Nitro. In 2011, he had his house robbed and lost his entire portfolio. As a good Sagittarius, he didn't take the situation as mere "coincidence" deciding to face the uncertainties and embrace what he always loved: art. He specialized in drawing and painting from several courses, joining with a friend to found the Opala Rosa Choque illustration studio together.