• Athens, Greece
Elena Demetria Chantzis is a Greek-Italian digital artist&designer based in Athens. She studied architecture (Sapienza University) with postgraduate degrees in design (Politecnico di Milano) and art&architecture (University of Thessaly), where she has worked as a tutor. She is interested in the observation of everyday life cultural objects. She has participated in shows such as Bleibt (Aether Art Space), Walking the dog on the salt (Marpissa festival), Geometries (Agricultural University Athens), Heatwave (State of Concept), Staging of Objects (Circuits and Currents) and F.A.R radio (3137 Artist Run Space). She has collaborated with Kassandras, Diplomates, Aristide Antonas, Leefwerk, Dino Morra gallery, Mary Zygouri and Rainer Oldendorf.