Cla Vel

  • Medellín, Colombia
1989 Plastic artist from the University of Antioquia and Master in Plastic and Visual Arts from the National University of Colombia, with a Laureate thesis. Her process has led her to recognitions such as being winner of creation stimuli in Bello, Ant. 2017 and 2020 and being winner of the 40th National Salon of Visual Arts of the National Culture Awards of the University of Antioquia 2012. Her latest exhibitions have been in the Museum of Antioquia 2021, in the Binational Meeting of performance "Colombia VS India" 2021, the virtual international exhibition of Contemporary Graphics APARICIONES 2020, participation in the ArtBo fair in Bogota, Colombia 2019, the same year of her solo exhibition at the Alliance Française in Medellin.
Saliendo desde el papel, abrigada por animales
Bello, Colombia