Rogério Borovik

  • São Paulo, Brazil
In 1986, I had the first contact with this explosive concept that is radiolivrism radiolivrism through the book "Rádios Livres: a reforma agrária no ar by Arlindo Machado. It was my first mental bomb. This 15-year old dream would come true at full blast in 1994, at Radio Muda, while I was Radio Muda, while I was studying visual arts at Unicamp. The first first contact with the Free Radio movement started a research on radio art. radio-art research. This is how I founded and got involved with several radio collectives: Radio Muda; Rádio Livre ECA; Rádio 11; Rádio Xiado; Rádio Várzea and Rádio Volúsia. Around the turn of the millennium, I met the stage director Renato Cohen and through him I was contaminated by the "art of performance", which continues still influencing my work.