Well Darwin

  • São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil
Bachelor's degree in History from PUC, a post-graduate course in Environmental Education at SENAC, a student at the Interuniversity Postgraduate Program in Aesthetics and Art History at USP, and a cinema graduate from the Escola Livre de Cinema de Santo André. He has directed and produced dozens of films in the ABC region. Today he is a partner in DGT filmes, an independent production company with 20 years of existence, where he has produced several feature, medium, and short films, and won dozens of awards. He has had part of his work exhibited in the Projected Quarantine Project (IMS and Mídia Ninja) and in the Art120" Exhibition (CC Vale Maranhão) and had two features in the 15th São Paulo Latin-American Film Festival. He published a text in Pragmatismo Politico, "Manifesto of the cinema of chaos: where cinema is subject".