• São Paulo, Brazil
My name is Davi, I am 27 years old, I live in the city of São Paulo, Sumaré neighborhood. Currently I am an art educator and independent artist, I was part of a collective called Terrosidadedes where meetings were made with artistic and pedagogical provocations in those involved, and even got to be part of an exhibition with the name Terrosidades in CCSP with Paula Raia. I am also a performer, together with the stylist Carla Stella I have also been doing this work in several spaces such as CCSP, Senac and Shopping Tietê Plaza. As a visual artist I have a project called "How I see God", where I have been experimenting with collage art to promote questioning about the eurocentric and colonial vision here in the west, with the purpose of decolonizing us.
Como eu Vejo Deus
São Paulo
S.P- Brasil