Anina Rubin

  • Berlin, Germany
Anina Rubin (L) was born in 1988. She studied art and photography, as well as some semesters of Christian theology, in Berlin. She currently lives and works in Luxembourg where she devotes her creativity in a meditative and seclusive way to the arts. The artist creates her works on the computer, while most her digital collages are based on video files or photographs taken by herself. The photos are cut out and multiplied into a huge pattern as a later element of the collage. Some parts are glitched by e.g. adding the words love, freedom, bliss or sentences like God bless the soul or May peace be with you. Anina Rubin treats her videos in stop-motion: she exports those as .png files, glitches them in different ways, e.g. by shifting bytes or bits, adding music file or other filters or words into the code… before putting the image files and sequences back together into a whole video. While working with different types of media Anina Rubin confronts the viewer with the illusions and diverse realities that this world offers. The symmetric patterns that can be found in the behaviour of each natural organism are appearing throughout her works – the moment of transition between an old a new pattern is often analysed.