Ana B. and Nuno M. Pereira

  • , Portugal
Ana B. and Nuno M. Pereira have been working together since 2011. Their works have been screened in many countries around the world and they have been awarded internationally. ana b. is also working on a phd thesis on film and her texts have been published in international books and magazines. nuno m. pereira is working as a video editor and sound designer with other artists as well. They also have individual careers as directors.As directors they discuss all the concept they want to work on always trying to push the boundaries of videoart, mainly in what refers to perception and narrative construction. they are interested in the material image and its power of creating narratives that are non-linear but that triggers the spectator's imagination in a more organic and plastic way. The power of the false as a method to reorganize reality as well as ideas that lie behind the artistic concept become the primary source of production. every detail is discussed but they also open to the unexpected as something that is part of the final work. In a way, the final work comes also as something new and different from the original idea. That's why is such a powerful and creative process.