Andrew Reach

  • Ohio, USA
An architect, having studied at Pratt, he practiced architecture for over 20 years. The generation he was trained as an architect in the early eighties, bridged some of the span between the old analog world and the digital world that would supplant it. First, learning to draw and then learning to draft with conventional drafting tools (parallel ruling bar, triangles, protractor, mechanical pencils, rapidograph pens), he was an early adopter of computers in architecture, using CADD (Computer Assisted Design and Drafting) technology at its early stages of development. As digital technology progressed during his years as an architect, a spine disease also progressed, eventually leaving him disabled and not able to continue practicing architecture. Reach calls this period the end of his First Act and beginning of Act Two.Now well into Act Two, he’s reinvented himself from architect and for the last 10 years has harnessed digital technology in a different way; to make art instead of buildings. An outgrowth from his architecture, he’s interested in bridging the realm of the artist and technician and merging these together to create an aesthetic that speaks to modernity in the digital age. Using color and geometric fragments akin to bits, he recombines them, in a visual dance of color and composition. These compositions are imbued with a kinetic sense of movement. Other compositions are akin to abstracted machines, Reach calls “Engineered Abstraction”. The art is created with photoshop; a raster graphic instead of the vector graphics he had used earlier in architecture. With each work, he creates editions of 3, large format prints. For Reach, the tangible print brings the digital back to analog in the age old custom of hanging a picture on the wall to be viewed as an object.