Van der Borght Bjornus

  • Ghent, Belgium
Starting out as a painter, and still do, I kinda from early on steared away from the idea of making art. Art like Scharf, Basquiat, Warhol, Delvoye, Majerus, Genzken, B. Kruger and more stood at the bases of my work. Alltho never satisfide copying I steared more and more away from conventions but always felt like a left-out. Someone who was rather placed as invaluable because of the lack of convention, the lack of link to the past. And were that just what I intended to do yet searchin for an interesting and rebelious way of creating an image. Perhaps an artfull image was not enough to create too, it feld too commercial in a way therefore I researched th value of art in the now and perhaps its 'unexamined' reach it could have, like art serving a different role then it does at the moment. I would like to submit my take on finding water on mars which will be the first one you find here. I will include some early memes and paintings aswell. My age is 35 and I live in Ghent, Belgium. I'm also a curator and will add the vid of my last show down below. I like to search for alternatives I guess you can feel that in this show aswell. :) Not to say I am a narcist but I'm looking forward doing the next one aswell.