Allie Holden

  • Lisbon, Portugal
Allie Holden, 1988. Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal Since the begining of her temporary residence in Lisbon Allie Holden's work was connected to the city itself. Months of taking photographs and astuting observation of street life, political and cultural situation finalized in creating series of large size, abstract, contemporary paintings, videos, installations. They reflect the mentality of Lisbon street through the prism of her own expression and life experience. Synthesizing the obvious appearance, she is looking for the true essence of peoples interaction with the environment, the influence that this process has on generations, as well as analyzing the expression and actions taken on the street and the meaning. With her artworks, Allie is also rising questions about relation of the street to the museum and gallerys. Is it possible to take street inside gallery and likewise? Where is the line between vandalism and art/expression and how it has an effect on daily baises life? How it has an influence the reality we live in?