• Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Caeso is currently doing his Masters in Music Composition at UniRio (Rio de Janeiro - Brasil); Bachelor degree in Music Composition by UFRJ (2013); visual arts courses at EAV Parque Lage (2014). Since 2013 researches about the poetics of flaws in sound and visual mediums, digital and analog. Active in Rio's music scene, is one of the founders of Mostra 0800 de Composições, among other events connected to the contemporary concert music production, and had some of his pieces performed in highly recognized events. As a guitarrist, he is part of the free improvisation band Os SuperFodas, among other works in theaters and bars. He is a member of the Black Plastic Collective (Coletivo Plástico Preto), a multidisciplinar group dedicated to performance art and works on diverse medias, and also works with interactive audio programing, sound design and music production in general for different mediums, such as theater and film. During the last 2 years, his dedication to producing visual arts works has been growing, exploring different medias, always with an experimental approach.