Caterina Marchionne

  • , Italy
Photographer and visual artist. Born in Latina (a town some 70 km from Rome), she now resides in Rome where she works as a civil servant. Work needs as well as personal curiosity have led Caterina to travel extensively in Italy and abroad, especially in Asia, until she moved to China for several years to live and work in Beijing. An encounter with the Chinese local art scene has awakened Caterina’s desire to devote herself to art – an interest already cultivated since childhood, attending courses in drawing and painting. A desire that, on her return to Italy, has turned into a passionate hobby for photography. In her work, Caterina seeks to examine the line between reality and abstraction. She draws inspiration from the elements and details of everyday life, from observing materials, space, architecture and objects. Caterina prefers mixed shooting techniques: multiple exposures and intentional camera movement, overexposure, often used together, mostly directly in camera, with subsequent post-production processing. Recently, Caterina has also began to use “coding” as a means of image processing. She was selected by Gallerati Gallery of Rome as part of the “Mixed Media Project” in 2014 and of “P Project” in 2016, she was a finalist for the 2015 Turin Photissima Art Prize and won honorable mention at the PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris in 2015 and 2016. In June 2016 she won the TOP40 jured competition organized by LACDA-Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. Moreover, in September 2016 she was selected at the #AVLGLITCH-juried group photography in Asheville, 1-31 october, 2016 (North Carolina, USA). From September 16th to october 7th, 2017, she is exhibiting in Electron Salon at LACDA-Los Angeles Center for Digital Art.