Nochi Sardea

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I’m motivated to create photographs about everyday situations. Every time I create, I feel the empty space inside me slowly filling up with every piece I make. My work represents exploration of abandonments and beauty in every decay that’s eating it. I abuse the chance to use those locations for a post-apocalyptic ambiance and tend to create lost explorers with gas masks, dark and eerie entities, ghastly shadows, and lucid portraits of mysterious people. Some of my visions are from dreamt up memories from unknown surreal dimensions which also act like doors to daydreams or nightmares. My Self-portraiture is an act of putting myself into another realm beyond reality. I classify my work as a result of experiments and playing with a mixture of patched blurred thoughts. From this, I build a space where I could hack and create freely whatever I want to do and turn it into something my eyes could see and my heart would feel. I create to communicate!