Modular Dreams

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil
Danilo Barros: Owner partner of Papaya Films since 2008, has a degree in Communications by FAAP from São Paulo and is also graduated in Filmmaking by the École Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle from Paris. Along his career, Danilo has worked on production companies such as Digital 21 and EuropaCorp (the production company runned by film director Luc Besson) and has participated on filmworks awarded at Gramado Film Festival and at the International Short Film Festival of São Paulo. Works also as VJ since 2006 and has performed in several festivals, theaters and clubs such as: Live Cinema Festival (Oi Futuro), Kinolounge (Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo), Alfa Theatre and SESC Arts Festival. Priscilla Cesarino has taken part in many collective exhibitions in the city of São Paulo, achieving performances in video dance, video installations and, above all, the live capturing and manipulation of imagery performed according to audio compositions. Interested in video, she seeks her technical and theoretical improvement via extension courses. Priscilla’s main object of study is the recovery of analogical image and video synthesizer aesthetics for her work. Her thorough research of old footage and other imagery allows her to deconstruct the material into an universe of colour and technique that establishes a real time live dialogue between image and sound, making them artistically authorial while she harmonically involves environment, music, image and the spectator. Her research and daily reference is registered on her newest project, Modular. In association with video artist Danilo Barros, this project bases in analogical circuits as a propulsion core for video experiments and research. Modular creates video art installations and performances.