Eno Swinnen

  • Ghent, Belgium
Eno Swinnen's art is an attempt to decode the maximalism of contemporary online visuality into a minimalist coherence of shape en significance. It is an essentialist approach processing the abundance of online imagery. By using a more manual and analogue technique the full-scale image is rendered into a minimalist and refined fragment. While game developers attempt to digitally manufacture a reality that resembles our known reality with an almost uncanny precision, the manual technique of rotoscopy heightens the aesthetics of the image, not the value of verisimilitude. While manually tracing over the digital image, the image is dissected, bringing the focal point to the indispensable fragment of the visual composition. This process of selection and refinement is complemented by the use of a graphite pencil, which is not only his preferred instrument but also contributes to a certain restriction that he uses in a productive manner.