carolerror / markus rico

  • , Argentina/ Spain
Carolina Romano (a.k.a. carolerror) Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1984. At the age of 9 starts animating with deluxe animator, task that will resum 20 years later. Inbetween, studied anthropology and photography. Moved to Madrid, then to Barcelona, then to Berlin. At the moment she makes collaborations in projects related to video, programming and photography, exploring the glitchs and errors as a form of artistic expression(of the computers). Markus Rico (29, 08,1981; Málaga, Spain), visual artist. Markus studied at the School of Advertising of Madrid and completed a master's degree in photography at the London College of Communication. Both restless and creative he divides his time and his camera between commercial, personal and fashion projects. This bore fruit in the publication of his photo-book "Flashatnight". His work has been published in a wide array of international media (and he has been active in the image of music festivals and fashion, from design schools, fashion designers, from bands and including artistic centers (he personally has curated several exhibitions) In his body of work his nods to surrealism and other artistic environments are particularly noteworthy with his clear preference for digital manipulation and love for supernatural . In recent times Markus has developed a keen interest in the world of real film and new media to bring to light his colorful imagination.