Silvia Miralles

  • Mallorca Islands, Spain
Silvia Miralles was born in 1977 in the Balearic Islands. She studied Photography at CITM (UPC University of Catalonia), receiving a grant to study Multimedia in Fachhochschulgesellschaft MBH, Salzburg (Austria). She also studied Electronic Art and Digital Design at ESDI. She lived in Catalonia, UK, Austria and Colombia, having the possibility of enjoying different cultural points of view. Her life has been a constant movement, a flow of new smells, new friendships and languages. She began to work with analog photography in 1999. She experienced video-art expressions and worked mixing new media doing a result of interactive happenings. Later on, she gave an overturn to her career doing unique pieces art-books. Actually she mostly works with Photography combining with illustrations. All her career is an expression of her inner giving welcome to the change.