Moawya Al Khadra

  • , Palestine
Moawya al-Khadra - I was born in Kuwait on 7 November 1983. When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, my family and I moved to Damascus, Syria. In 2010 I graduated from Damascus University with a Bachelor degree in English literature. At the Beginning of 2008, I started my first job as an assistant web designer, through which I discovered a new method of expression and which really fascinated me. Few months later, I became a free lance web designer. I enjoyed building up a structure and putting up the pieces of each project. In the same year, and for many reasons, including the economical and political situation in Syria, I had to move again, but this time to Dubai, UAE. In 2011 I worked for an art gallery for almost 2 years. This experience gave me the chance to develop my artistic creation, to observe how each artist communicates him or herself through his/her art, and to observe the development of his/her artwork. I also got the chance to nurture my eyes by seeing a lot of art every day and by attending many exhibitions and art events. The accumulation of all these experiences urged me to dare to put up the structure of my first piece of art in 2013. I enjoyed each and every moment of it. While building up my artwork, I discovered a feeling similar to the one I got when building up a structure of a website, but it was more intense… more satisfying. I also realized that my habit of collecting objects since my teenage years is related to my wish to belong to a place that is safe and permanent. With the belief of letting go, those collected objects became the bridge to communicate with the world around me and there was a solution for inner stability. My first piece of art was constructed out of some of those found objects which I had collected here and there. Each object holds a concept and/or a memory, and together they tell a story that I wish to communicate with the world. I thought that through this one piece of art I could express all what I wanted, but I longed to communicate more and more. I was not able to shut off the scattered thoughts and ideas anymore. This first artwork has trapped me forever.