Katarina Trnavčević

  • , Srpska
I was born in 1992 in Užice, Serbia. In 2011 I graduated from Highschool of Fine Arts, department for ceramic sculptures and pottery; my mentor was Sofija Bunardžić. Same year I went to International Tourism Fair in Brussels as representative of International Symposium of Ceramics Art „Zlakusa“. I attended this symposium every year during highshool, so my exhibiting experience began even before graduation, in 2009, but at the end I decided to study painting at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, so I’m curently student. During the studies I took parts in projects „Panonian Art path“ 2014 (in Serbia and Croatia), „ReciklArt“ 2015 (workshop with kids with specal needs), International Symposium of Ceramic Art „Zlakusa“ in 2012 and 2015, and I also had four solo exibitions