Lisa Cianci

  • , Australia
Lisa Cianci is an artist, archivist, digital media developer and educator.Lisa makes art in both analogue and digital format, with her current focus on real-time, dynamic, code-driven video animations and installations that use discarded clothing as the medium.Lisa has exhibited her art work both locally and internationally in physical galleries and virtual spaces on the Internet. She worked for a number of years in archival projects at the University of Melbourne (Australian Science Archives Project and Melbourne Information Management). She also teaches in Visual Art, Digital Media & Graphic Design at Victoria Polytechnic (Victoria University).Lisa’s research focus is on the intersections of art, archives and digital media technologies. She completed a PhD in Creative Media at RMIT University in 2013. Her PhD research project examined artistic use of the archival continuum model as a framework for creative practice.Experimental archival practices & preservation of diverse cultural heritage (using archives in the wild) continues to be one of her main interests.