Mauro Rescigno

  • , Italy
Mauro Rescigno was born in Italy in Naples in 1975, where he lives and works. She has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and has been exhibiting since 1994. Last personal show: 2017: The Eater - The Whole, Sarajevo Supermarket Association, Naples. Edited by Giovanni Franco Collective exhibitions over the last five years; 2017: Artperformingfestival 2017, Naples. Edited by Gianni Nappa, Ulderico Di Domenico and Celeste Ianniciello. Art Dicount, Sarajevo Supermarket Association, Naples. Edited by Giovanni Franco; 2016: Sensory Outbreaks, Caste di Teverolaccio, Succivo (CE). Edited by Vittorio Varavallo; 2015: TALENT PRIZE 2015. Special Foundation Rome Prize with the "Seeking and Finding" video work. Museo Pietro Canonica- Rome UNDO.NET, selection by Davide Tomaiolo; P-Art-y. Knowing where to go. Art group show. Edited by Livka Vozla. Sapizio correspondent, Marcianise (Caserta); M'Arte 2015 / Habitat Hambitus Humus. A Cure of C.A.R.M.A. - Center of Arts and Multimedia Research Applied Montegemoli, video selection by Veronica D'Auria. Pomarance (Pisa) Media Art Festival "The new Italian video art: Intermediate search lines in the software world" selected from the archive of C.A.R.M.A. - Center of Arts and Multimedia Research Applied by Veronica D'Auria. Centrale Montemartini, Rome; 2014: TLG 2.0 Through the looking glass 2.0, Civic Museum Rocca Flea, edited by Susanna Crispino, Gualdo Tadino- Perugia Nite Art Festival AFTER VELVET ... Latest trends in Italian digital video art. Edited by C.A.R.M.A. - Applied Arts and Multimedia Research Center, Nomit - Italian Network of Melbourne and ArtBox. Melbourne, Australia; Intelligent Quarter. Video art: Mauro Rescigno- Antonia Bonetti. Edited by Mivhs Home Gallery. Naples Sarajevo Supermarket Art Discount, Sarajevo Supermarket Association, Naples; Art à Porter, Mivhs Home Studio, Casavatore-Naples. Edited by Vozla: THE SUSPENDED LOUIS AT CA 'FOSCARI SHORT FILM FESTIVAL, VENICE; review of video art by Elisabetta Di Sopra; 2013: VIDEOHEART | Expo Videoarte | Candiani Mestre edite by Cristina Morello, Daniele Sartori, Marco, Elisabetta Di Sopra; A.Temporale. Mivhs Home Studio contemporary art. Edited by Livha Vozla.Casavator-Naples; Samkta Sango- di Vuotociclo. Organized by Agata Chiusano, Laboratory of Videoarte of the University of Siena Orsola Benincasa of naples. Pan Palace of Arts, Castel dell'Ovo. Naples; Videoheart. Expo Videoarte, Candiani Mestre. Edited by Cristina Morello, Daniele sartori, Marco Duse. 3D visualization consultancy Elisabetta di Sopra 2VIDEO-Art Video Transversal Review. Edited by Cecilia Guide,, Art HubVideo- Animated Art. Review of artist, animation and contemporary art videos. Edited by Artegiovane, Francesco Poli, Francesco Bernardelli, Andrea Pagliardi. Merz-Torino Foundation TLG 2.0 - Through Mirror 2.0- MAIN PROJECT BIENNALE: Modern Museum Samara- Russia. Edited by Susanna Crispino; There is a small root that, if chewed, will immediately wit the wings, video selection from the Art Hub archive of UnDo.Net, edited by Cecilia Guida. MAC - Museum of Contemporary Art of Lissone; Cib'Art, Sarajevo Supermarket Association, Naples Digital Audiovisual, Video and Artistic Research today. Macro- Museum of Contemporary Art Rome. Edited by Lino Strangis and Veronica D'Auria. Video selection from Arthub's archive by Giovanni Viceconte.