Paolo Pastorino

  • , Italy
Paolo Pastorino (1983) is an italian guitarist, sound designer, and composer. Since 2006, he has worked as a sound engineer for rock, industrial, and nu-metal bands. Paolo studied computer music and sound technology and graduated from the Conservatory of Sassari. He currently specializes in new music technologies at the Conservatory of Cagliari. In his works, Paolo uses electronic instruments and algorithms realized by software, as well as electronically elaborated traditional instruments and other concrete elements which exist in nature. His experience does not only regard traditional and electronic composing, but the implementation of control systems, developed on Max MSP, for live electronics and audio installations. His works have been presented at NSEME 2017 - Baton Rouge, USA, Sound like this 2017, Leeds College of Music (UK), San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2017 (USA), Mixtur 2017 (Barcellona), NWEAMO Festival (Tokyo), CIM (Cagliari - IT), EMUFest (Rome - IT), CIRMMT (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology - Montréal), 3ème Concours International de Composition pour un instrument acoustique et dispositif électronique (Bourges, France), Inter #6: experimental sound for loudspeakers (Glasgow - UK), DronesTruck Como (Midway Parkway St. Paul, Minnesota ‐ USA), Galleria comunale d’arte di Cagliari (IT), Festival Suona Italiano Suona Francese 2015 (Sassari – IT).