Van O

  • Moscow, Russia
Van O (Ivan Isaev) graduated the biological faculty of the Moscow State University and the School of dramatic art of An. Vasil'ev(G.Abramov’s class). I worked as the actor at the theaters "Dance-model" and “Mystery costumes", as the club designer- created the collection of vanguard fashion "200 volt ago or Some aspects of individual luminosity...", Art-photographer since 1999г.,is member of Russian Union of Art Photographers since 2009, took part in exhibitions “Tendencies and traditions”-gallery ”Power”-MMMA,2007,”Artgraphic”-New Manege,2006, “The Circus", "Viniloplastika". “Angelarium “-MMMA,2008, ”The Origin of Darwin”-Darwin museum,2010, "Many-many"-Vspolniy gallery,2010, "Gene modification"-Zverevskiy Cultural Center,2011,"The sign reactualization"-Vspolniy gallery,2011, ”The original fake”- Darwin museum,2012,“Oh, alco,you are the world!”- Zverevskiy Cultural Center, 2014, Lomonosov-Art award exhibition,2014, 2015,“Obsurd camera”-Zverevskiy Cultural Center,2015. Works are in the collection of Russian museum of St.Petersburg. The main projects are” Fire games”2009,” Werevolfs”2013,”Red zone”2012,”Marcel Duchamp's school”2007,”Red lunch”2005,”Princess-froggy”2003. The Money defeat the Evil “ -MARCHI gallery, 2004,