Sophia Schultz

  • , Colombia
Sophia Schultz (b.1994) is a Colombian-American interdisciplinary artist, filmmaker, and activist. She was born and raised in Sarasota, Florida and recieved a B.A in Anthropology from New College of Florida in 2017. She has organized with a variety of art and community spaces including Elsewhere Museum, Nothing Arts Center, All Power to the Imagination, and Take Root Herbarium . Schultz's work interacts with the vulnerability and power of the body, mind, and memory. By exploring the concept of the body as an archive for trauma and healing she attempts to create an immersive interaction. Memory is a prevalent theme throughout the work as it is repressed, brought back, and let go of. The power that comes with toxic memories and trauma is also explored through the focus of the familiar. Understanding the body through the interconnectedness of identity, surroundings, of everyone who one has crossed paths with. Re/membering one’s belonging and the complex weaving of the self.