Yann Patrick

  • , Switzerland
I started coding at the age of 14 while enrolled at technical high school in La Spezia (Italy). The two major classes during this five year where informatics and electronics. At that time the resources at that school were pretty limited, and we were coding on computer only 2 hours per week. We were writing our algorithm on paper the whole week having the possibility to see if they were working in the 2 hours computer lab. I had no personal computer at the time, and the frustration of having such limited amount for coding on PC led me to lose interest in the discipline. In 2014 I started my project ERNNRNG. This project was the first attempt to reconnect with programming. At the beginning the project was about glitching images the “standard” way with text editor ad HEX editor. Soon I decided to “glitch” the images in an analog way using the scanner. The project was also featured on some blogs, like the SFMOMA, Dazed and Confused and many more. The brief look into glitch community, and the beginning of my master in visual communication, led me to restart coding, using mainly processing and the java language.