Clarissa Ribeiro

  • fortaleza, Brazil
Multimedia artist and researcher with an interest in information and communication dynamics crossing diverse scales that impact human, non-human behavior, and other emergent phenomena at the macro scale. In her most recent projects, she has been exploring the metaphysics of information visualization in subversive morphogenetic strategies that welcome the animist to navigate ecologies as cosmologies. She has a Ph.D. in Arts from ECA USP and was a Fulbright post-doctoral fellow at UCLA's Art|Sci Center and Lab. She is a member of the ART|SCI Collective directed by Victoria Vesna and James Gimzewski. She is a Professor at UNIFOR in the city of Fortaleza where she coordinates the LIP Laboratório de Inovação e Prototipagem and hosts the LASER talks of Leonardo ISAST since 2017. She collaborates as an ad hoc reviewer for the Leonardo and Technoetic Arts periodicals, and for the Leonardo LABS project. She is attached to Roy Ascott Studio in Shanghai as a senior lecturer with support from artist Pete Townshend (The Who).