Livia Koeche

  • Porto Alegre, Brazil
Livia Koeche is an Urban Architect graduated from UFRGS in March 2017. Traditional frame-by-frame animation designer graduated from the AnimaEdu course, she had her professional trajectory linked to the studio Otto Desenhos Animados, where she worked from 2009 to 2014. She directed her first short film Esqueleto (2019) through the Fund for Cultural Support (FAC/RS). Master in Visual Poetics (PPGAV-UFRGS) with the research Public Situations: Project and Projection, in which he researches and develops site-specific installations of augmented reality. Develops and executes audiovisual, videomapping, scenography and ephemeral architecture projects since 2014. Member of the Identity and Territory Research Group (GPIT-PROPUR/UFRGS) since 2010.