Marina Quintanilha

  • São Paulo, Brazil
Marina Quintanilha is a visual artist and filmmaker. Awarded in 2014 by It's all true with her short film Borscht, a Russian recipe, she uses animation and painting resources to documentary, revealing not only the facts of reality through the capture of images, but also taking the viewer into her imaginary with ethereal images presented by drawings and compositions in movement. She also has a great affinity with music, using melodies as the basis for her animations. She has made video clips for the singer Tiê, the musician Dudu Tsuda, the composer Bruno Caliman, the singer and drummer Nana rizinni, and the band Atalhos. She participated in the graphic part of films such as Pitanga by Beto Brant, Um crime entre nós by Adriana Yañez, among others.
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São Paulo/Brasil