The Science

  • Sofia, Bulgaria
The vocal-driven electronica collective THE SCIENCE hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, consists of VIARA POPOVA, RADOSLAV GERGOV, NINO GOMES & MARTIN STAVREV. Originally formed in 2014, the band performed at eclectic Bulgarian festivals and shared the stage with a colorful palette of acts like GUSGUS, THE BUG & FLOWDAN, DISPROVE, IVAN SHOPOV, WOULG and STRAHIL VELCHEV. In the summer of 2017 they debuted on METHLAB RECORDINGS with their EP "THE SEA AND I". It was paired with an AI-based video, co-produced by the inimitable DENIAL OF SERVICE. A month later a remix EP came out with remixers in the likes of HECQ, TRIFONIC, LOCKJAW. GHOST OF 3.13 & PIKSEL.Not long after, the fourth piece of the puzzle came into place with Radoslav (vocals) joining the project and that gave the start of a number of collaborations.From reinterpreting TRIFONIC's emblematic track PARKS ON FIRE, through a genre-bending neurodjent experiment with the d'n'b trio IHR, to providing the sound for HotaruVG's immersive projection mapping CHAOS, the sound of THE SCIENCE is immediately recognizable through their emotive vocal lines, bass-ridden textures and intricate harmonies.
"Transnature" by Hotaru Visual Guerrilla & The Science (upcoming in November)
Fjord Oslo Festival 2021
Oslo, Norway
"Sound Number 6" by Studio Otaika & The Science (upcoming in late April, 2021)
Derida Dance Stage
Sofia, Bulgaria
"Chaos" by Hotaru Visual Guerrilla & The Science
Napa Lighted Festival 2020
Napa Valley, US
"Chaos" by Hotaru Visual Guerrilla & The Science
Light Night Festival 2018
Leeds, UK