• Belém, Brazil
Luanderson Santos, born in Belém (PA), is a student of Visual Arts at UNIFESSPA, in Marabá (PA), since 2017. Since seven years old, he has developed production in drawing, an interest that led him to choose the course. He is a PIBIC/UNIFESSPA scholarship holder since 2018/2021, where he conducts research in visual poetics with the theme: historical and digital prints. He has already participated in several competitions, salons, and exhibitions such as the "220 Exhibition of Research in Art" at Vitória Barros Gallery in Marabá. Exhibitions at Shopping Patio Marabá, Salão do CCBEU, Salão Nacional da Quarentena, Concurso Ciencia e Arte do CCPPA. Currently develops works on commission and for social networks.