Thainá Carvalho

  • Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Thainá Carvalho is a dancer with a focus on technology. Born in Jacareí - SP she grew up in São José dos Campos - SP where she began her studies in dance with American tap (2005-2012). She has a bachelor's degree (2014 - 2018) in Dance from the Federal University of Viçosa where she developed an interest in technologies related to dance. She is currently a master's student (2019) at the PPG Arts at the School of Fine Arts at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in the research line of Technological Poetics, where she investigates how technology perceives dance. Her work and research seek to observe the perceptions, poetics, and potentialities of technology and its relationship with the human phenomenon, including video dance, web art, and dance-technology performances.
Corpo de Dados
Belo Horizonte - Brasil