Joana Chicau and Renick Bell

  • London/ Tapei, UK/ Taiwan
Joana Chicau Porto, Portugal, 1992/ Lives and works in London Joana Chicau is a graphic designer, coder, researcher – with a background in dance –currently based in London. In her practice, she interweaves web programming languages and environments with choreography. She researches the intersection of the body with the constructed, designed, programmed environment, aiming at widening the ways in which digital sciences are presented and made accessible to the public. She has been actively participating and organizing events with performances involving multi-location collaborative coding, algorithmic improvisation, open discussions on gender equality and activism. Renick Bell Texas, EUA, 1957/ Lives and works in Taiwan Renick Bell is a computer musician, programmer, and teacher currently based in Taiwan. His research interests are live coding, improvisation, and algorithmic art using open-source software. He is the author of Conductive, a library for live coding in the Haskell programming language. He has released music on labels, including Lee Gamble’s UIQ, Rabit's Halcyon Veil, Seagrave, and Quantum Natives. He graduated from the doctoral program at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan.