gustavo torrezan

  • Piracicaba, Brazil
Artist, researcher, educator. In his artistic practice, he reflects on the power structures that historically configure collective organizations, as well as their cultural and identity constitutions. He creates hybrid works in which he uses different materials and disciplines to discuss the relations of domination that modulate the processes of subjectivation in society. She is interested in observing the role of the State, its administrative regimes, authorities, and institutions. In this process, he evokes the fields of sociology and geopolitics, often making use of official symbols of the nation to tense their connotations. Besides experimenting with formal synthesis and symbolic revision procedures, he also proposes a debate on the mechanisms of power in art system devices, approaching issues of archive, memory, space, and place. At times, his works emerge from specific community circumstances and approach social processes linked to a particular locality. In this sense, the notions of collaboration and dialog have also been exercised in her production.
Ninguém vai tomar nossa bandeira
Centro Cultural da Diversidade
São Paulo / São Paulo / Brasil
Ontem hojesempre Mamuna.
São Luis / Maranhão / Brasil