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Who owns the digital spaces? How do we relate to the almost infinite freedom to create ourselves and the space we are in to our community? At a time when many of us are deprived of human contact and control of our environment, Are you the media player owner? proposes an open gathering of people who come together in VR in a temporary autonomous zone where anyone present can transform the land by adding or deleting elements of the environment. Users can modify their avatars to their tastes and experiment with an interdimensional dive through VR. Issues of autonomy, sense of community, mutual care takes life as participants navigate the decisions made and collectivity sets the tone of experience. For the Chat Cube (alpha release) the work Are you the owner of the media player? (2021) is an invitation through a portal to the work and exhibition of the same name that takes place in the Altspace VR platform, creating a bridge to another virtual environment developed by the network users themselves. Download the app: Then paste this on your browser: altspace://