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The self is a labyrinth, a mesh of emotions, attitudes, behaviors, thoughts and possibly conflicting ideas; influenced by either internal or external factors. Boundaries is a work that attempts to portray an artist as two assumed opposites, namely two selves; one harnessed by dark energy and the other by light, yet they are both at peace and in harmony with one another. Outside observation of the artist in a state of rest not flux, voyeurism, observed, open book, bare soul. What we see, what we perceive versus the reality under the skin. Skin is what keeps the insides in. How accurate is our observation of external behavior and is it a true representation of another ? Do you see me ? What do you see? This work is a play on "boundaries" whether self-imposed or by external forces. Physical boundaries as well as invisible walls - copyright, unstated laws, rights to privacy, the online world vs the self, infringement of various rights. This is a work about pushing those boundaries and the bending of laws in everyday life. The internet is a hive of interconnected spaces and boundaries. The song "Whoever you are" is used to good effect to place emphasis on copyright and boundaries, the self versus the countless undefined others out there. I do not own copyright to this song/no infringement of copyright is intended by the inclusion of this song in the video it is merely used to place emphasis on this fact and act as a parallel to the intention of this video work - namely to make people aware that anything is available and possible via the internet - there are virtually no boundaries and nothing is really sacred. Rights to privacy of the individual / the global self. How do we define ourselves in terms of a watching world ? What do they really see ? How do our boundaries change in relation to others' ?