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From the infinite number of possible reasons of why a person decides to start a blog, the most basic of all is, he wants to be heard. An intense desire to record what one thinks and lives, and share it. Expecting some kind of response or feedback and an undeniable pleasure in a certain "indecent" staff. Declarations to a potentially global audience from domestic privacy settings. There is always a certain voyeurism about the opinion of another.On one hand, sites like YouTube promise a participatory and democratizing platform that responds to human desire to be heard. On the other, the very mass of public speaking makes it impossible to meet the individual voices."Hey guys" is a video made up of 100 youtubebloggers videos of crying women who decided to recorded it as a natural consequence of the statement made or the unique action in the video. Within the feminist claim policy is frequent a criticism of the widespread notion of women as a messenger, even as the message itself, as an intermediate point between man and himself. So the video poses a radical identification strategy by overexposure of concepts of it.In a time when computers and the Internet are accompanying our most intimate activities and sex no longer shocked, the jog and crying still hold the rank of taboo and authenticity.